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Above, this South Beach Fashion Photo of Maria is something on another level.  Let me explain some of this.. 

This image was taken at South Pointe Park and I really love how this turned out.  In fact, this is one of my fav. images from this entire category.


First, the lighting is just dead on.  I was using a mix, of the hard morning sun and a beauty dish to get the results I wanted.  You will notice, that the sky is “blown out” behind her, and that’s –exactly– what I wanted.  I wanted to create a “dreamy” look to the “set” as well as provide a rim or separation light on the edge of her body.  I got both.  The overall composition with the white looking structures, almost suggests something “ice cold” vs. warm. (how ironic huh) Either way, the repeating pattern of them adds to the image strength.  Lastly, Maria.  She is posed to show off every part of her body.  Her closest leg to the camera is bent giving her entire lower body a very slim shape, her heel is raised to tone her leg as well.  The suspenders (her idea) create a “pocket” of dead space on her right side, that further shapes her body slimmer.  Her hands, and arms are placed in a way that makes her tall, and is non distracting nor, covering any other part of her figure.  It can be very hard to get everything to “line up” in a shot.. this one (in my thoughts) comes close to perfect.  In fact, I actually think.. it is perfect.  I think this "sells" her in every way shape and form.


Lighting here is simple.  It was only two lights!  A Quadra at close to full power (400ws) camera left. (main light), and my "kicker" for rim / separation.. the same thing camera right / behind.

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Location: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.