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Fitness Photography Miami

This was some crazy Fitness Photography in Miami! Our photo shoot started at 4 AM in the morning. My assistant Matt met me at my house and then we loaded up my car with all the gear, then we drove to South Beach Miami Florida to start setting up for this amazing fitness photo shoot in Miami.

My model and subject was Amy, who is a professional athlete. She wanted to get some really awesome shots of her running in action. This all sounds like a pretty simple thing to do right? Just take shots of a girl running on the beach? Unfortunately that’s not the case at all here. What we needed to do was to consider what the lighting was going to be and what the background was going to be and then we needed to figure out how we were going to "freeze" Amy in action while she’s running. So the technical considerations on the shoot were substantial. Here is how we did…

Lighting here was a HUGE 6 foot octa bank camera right sandbagged to a heavy C-stand.  Power was 1100ws and this was about 50% used.  Kicker (rim) light was camera left, and this was a 400ws Quadra pack on a stand with another sandbag.  A HP polished reflector was used to "throw" the light farther.  The camera was a 1DX, and it was set to track motion.  We choose a VERY low camera position to reduce any (all) distractions along the path way, and only have her, and the sky in the final shot.

It took about 6 ot 7 passes to get this frame.

You can see all the shots from this session here on my blog.


Location: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.