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There is nothing like a little Miami Fashion Photography to keep me sharp at the game.  This is why shoots like this are important to do from time to time.  I went into all the technical specs of this shoot on the previous image, so you can click back and read that if you like.

Miami Fashion Photography is important to me, because once upon a time this is what I really saw myself (well, dreamed) of doing.  It's not that Weddings are a second best.. it's that it's not a practical career doing Fashion Photography.  It's also WAY WAY too competitive, and the biggest consideration is the fact that I would have very little control over the results.

So.. why then do I have a gallery on my site like this?  Simple.  Because I can :-)  more to the point, I want to cater to the "everyday" client who is looking for images that are taken at this level of technical ability.  How many 16 year old girls want to be a model?  How many 21 year old girls (like Zoe here) simply want to go out, and get some damn hot, sexy fashion shots of them?  It's not going to be used to sell anything.. it's just they want that level of quality in the shot.

To be honest.. most Miami Fashion Photographers are not very talented.  Why?  Well, because they are always working for a client.  Someone who is trying to sell something.  Rarely do they get full creative freedom over a project.  Rarely do they even setup their own lighting, or get to dictate what that lighting setup will be.  Working at the highest level on real, big, commercial shoots where big dollars are thrown around ($20K, $30K, $100K and more) it's a TOTALLY different ball game, and this is a dynamic that I want nothing to do with.  Ever!  


That does not mean I can't make some pretty impressive results, and bust out some shoots that make most peoples head spin ;-)  That's what I love!

Check out the full shoot here.


Location: Miami, FL.