Modeling Photos in South Florida
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Modeling Photos in South Florida

One of the things that I love the most about Modeling Photos in South Florida is the fact that every time we go into a photo shoot, it’s of something different, a new location, and a new concept. 

In this case we’re doing a new portfolio for the mom of one of my previous Sweet 16 clients Danielle.  Her mom used to do professional modeling, then I think just wanted to get back into it and get used to being in front of the camera once again so she hired us to come out and do this amazing photo shoot of her. We spent most of the day with her and went to several different locations, this particular shot was actually taken in the backyard of her own house.  I had noticed that she had all of this chopped wood laying around and I thought that it would be a very interesting and unique foreground and a platform for her to stand on to pose for some of the shots, and that’s exactly what you see here.

The lighting is pretty straightforward it’s 2 lights one of them is the main light and this is on a boom and the second light is the kicker light and this is far in the background off to the right hand side.

You can actually watch this video below and see everything that went into this shoot!

You can also check out the full blog post from this session here.


Location: South Florida.