Commercial Calendar Shoot Miami
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Commercial Calendar Shoot Miami

This is the other shot from that calendar production shoot that I showed on the previous image. This is Danielle, and she is actually a professional model (and still is a professional model even today). Here I have her sitting on the casino card table with $50,000 in cash.  Because the money was actually real there were 3 armed guard standing all around us while we made this picture to ensure that none of the money would be missing in the end.  The funny thing about this shot is that the creative director (who organize this calendar photo shoot) was supposed to come up with fake money to be used in this particular shot and he forgot to do so and then the day of the shoot we needed to actually have the money so the only other alternative was to use real money and that’s exactly what we did here.

The setup here was pretty straight forward with the exception that we had to start shooting on this day at 3 AM when the casino boat came back to the dock, and all the guests would leave the boat and then myself and my crew would go on the boat and we started shooting.   So all these different calendar models had to be done with hair and makeup at like 2 o’clock in the morning for us to shoot!  It was a crazy time for sure. 


Location: Miami, Fl.