Downtown Miami Fashion Shoot
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Downtown Miami Fashion Shoot

Maria is a professional model, and I was hired to take her out and do some fashion "tests" with her.  A "test" is basically a session to get portfolio images for an agency.  This is an example of one of thous shoots.   

This Fashion Shoot was in Downtown Miami, Fl.  We wanted to also test out some new hi sync flash gear.  So, this was actually shot at 1/2000 at f/2.8 from the full compression of the lens at 200mm.  This is how I was able to get the background so blurred out, and was key to keep Maria fully separated.   Two lights were used here.  A main light, and a kicker.   The main light was just a small fordable soft box on a boom stick held by my assistant camera left.  The separation light (kicker) was on a stand, and this was placed way off in the distance camera right.  This was used to create the sharp highlight on her dress, hair, and legs.

To make Maria look as tall as she is (and she has some of the longest legs I have ever seen) It's really important that I got down low and shot at a more upward position.  This helps lengthen her body a bit.  The other important consideration is in her pose.  Notice how I have her arms?  One is down low, and the other is up high.  This also adds to the effect of how tall she is, which is always something a model wants be.

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Location: Brickell, Fl.