Corporate Head Shots in Miami
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Corporate Head Shots in Miami

This is no regular Corporate Head Shot in Miami, this is Sissi and she is one of my favorite people in the wedding industry!  I have known her for years and she is one of the best hair and makeup professionals out there!  You can check out the blog post from this shoot here, and learn all about her and why she is incredible.  I also made a little short video about her below.

I also have a longer sit down interview with her talking about her story, and how she got started inside of the wedding industry.  That video you can see over on my blog.

So, in terms of this shot of her.. this was actually taken right in her own salon!  I used a plain, grey wall for the background and then used a large strip bank for her hair, and separation.  Then, the main light is a beauty dish in close on a boom (to help control spill).  I have her wearing red, so that she pops from the background, and all in all I think is a very flattering shot of her that I just love.

If you want to see more headshots like this.. you can also check out this blog post here on Corporate Head Shots in Miami!


Location: 7935 nw 2nd st Miami, Florida.