Fashion Shoot in Vizcaya
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Fashion Shoot in Vizcaya

This Fashion Shoot took place at Vizcaya in Miami Florida.  It really takes me back. This was honestly one of the very first major production photo shoots that I had ever done in Miami Florida after moving here in 2008. 

I had teamed up with a newly formed modeling agency called In-Focus models, and they were doing a casting call to build portfolios. I was the photographer that got to shoot several of the models that were interested in being listed under this new agency. One of the photo shoots that I had put together took place inside of Vizcaya in Miami Florida. 

This is one of my very favorite all time shots from that casting call photo shoot.

It was photo shoots like this where I actually learned and taught myself all about lighting. In this particular shot I’m using a beauty dish on the boom for my main light, and this is positioned off to the side of the frame. For the rim light (or the background light) I’m actually using just the sun. Together I get a very nice high contrast shot that separates from the background. I had payed close attention to the composition of the model in relation to the building behind her. You will see that I have very cleverly positioned her between the 2 columns of the structure.

Location: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129.