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Model Portfolio Photos Miami

For this Model Portfolio Shoot in Miami, we were in this warehouse that stocks, and sells nitrogen. (its not smoke).  The image above, really shows a lot of things coming together.. so let me jump on the technical side first.. 

I had four remote flashes, all gelled purple behind the tanks.  Some were aiming at the wall, some were aimed at the tanks, and some where pointed near Amy.  Then, I had a large strip box light that was setup camera right, all the way in the far corner with a 30-degree grid on it (to not spill light all over the place), this was used as the separation light for Amy (model). For the main light, I was using a Mola Setti beauty dish with another grid.  Six lights in total!

Then, of course the liquid Nitrogen gun!  LOL.  This thing was actually pretty powerful, and had a real kick to it!  

THANKFULLY, I had all of the lights setup, dialed in and ready BEFORE we did any of the test shots.  Why?  Because, this shot was a TEST shot!  This was a real capture, in the sense that she was actually going to fall over! It was the first pull of the trigger and it was unreal!  IT scared her, (and us) and I got it!

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After this shoot, I was also hired to shoot Amy’s wedding which you can check out on my blog!