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I think any photographer, especially Miami Fashion Photographers would be just beside themselves to have one of their images published in VOGUE magazine!

So, I guess that's pretty good for a Miami Wedding Photographer then huh!  LOL.

Speaking of weddings.. this project with Wedding Dress Designer Rania Hatoum was just perfect for me.  She is a very talented designer from Honk Kong, and came to Miami to shoot with me for some new images for her upcoming bridal line.

Here (above) is the actual shot that was published in VOGUE magazine.  This was a crazy involved production shoot that took place in Miami, FL at night.  Right after we got setup, and started to shoot it started to rain!  So, the little specks that you see are actually rain drops, and added a nice effect to the final shot. Needless to say, we had to take extra care of all the gear to ensure nothing was damaged.  It was a fun time for sure... but very stressful.

To be honest, we did not think the client was going to end up using any of the shots because of the rain.  But, as it turned out.. it was not only used, it was then featured in VOGUE!

Shoots like this are very important to my business, and brand.  They are what keep me sharp, and motivated.  They give me new sets of challenges, and the experience to work on larger projects, with larger teams with very specific expectations.  If it was not for some of the commercial work, I would never have the brand that I have nor the drive to continue to stand out in the marketplace as a wedding photographer in Miami.

You can see the full blog post from this shoot, as well as the VOGUE magazine in which this was featured in over on my blog here.


Location: Miami, FL.