Sexy Fashion Images in Miami
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Sexy Fashion Images in Miami

What’s incredible about this Sexy Fashion Shoot in Miami with Tammy Torres,  is really the fact of the high contrast that I’m creating here in the picture. The location was a big factor to make this all happen. We are shooting today underneath the 395 bridge in Miami Florida. We are working with a celebrity Tammy who is creating an ad campaign for breast cancer. 

Although the shot looks amazing it’s worth noting that this specific location was not safe to be in. We had to have armed bodyguards standing by while we were working here for our own safety. This is an important consideration when shooting at random locations in a major city that you may not be familiar with. You always have to take precautions and safety is always number one.

The lighting here is fairly straightforward it is a 3 light set up... there is a main light which is a beauty dish on the boom. Then, I have 2 other lights in the background. Those lights are 2 strip banks and they are also gridded to prevent too much spill on the ground which you can see I have virtually completely avoided.

So the end result is a very polished high contrast in sexy shot of Tammy Torres.  You can see more from this shoot here on my blog!


Location: Miami, FL.