Maxim Photos shoot in Miami
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Maxim Photos shoot in Miami

Not many (no) Miami Wedding Photographer has this kind of experience (I will assure you of that).  LOL.   This Maxim Photo Shoot that took place in Miami, Fl was part of some of the first commercial projects that I did when I moved to Miami in 2008.  Because my "style" of photography is largely based on lighting, it has lead me to some very interesting projects over the years.  I have worked with hundreds of models, and had been able to refine my technical abilities as a photographer over the past 10 years in doing so.

What's ironic (and I talk about throughout my site) is that it's the commercial work that has been my foundation to lighting, and all of the technical things that I know how to do within photography.  Without this experience, I would be like most other "wedding photographers" who generally are very clueless on lighting, and how to truly leverage it.  THIS is why I stand out, and have a unique style.  I have made it my mission to understand this stuff, and then I have chosen to apply it where it matters most, and that's on my client's wedding day.

As for this shot.. well, this is the only "safe" shot that I can show (yes there are others, and they are just a little too sexy to show here), but I kept this shot in my portfolio, really just as a reminder to myself of all that I have accomplished and done.  So, you may see this image and think "meh.. whatever".  I see this image, and it represents a whole era of learning, and grinding out mistakes so that I could one day actually make a living do this.. and that is exactly what I did.


Location: Miami, Fl.