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Unique Portrait Photography Miami

I love to create Unique Portrait Photography in Miami.  I feel like most shots that photographers take are so boring, and "overdone".  So hopefully you find my page a bit refreshing in that sense.  I figure, if it's worth paying me to do.. then, I might as well make it well worth not only your time, and money but also mine...  and... what I like just as much as money, is a good story... and this is exactly what we have here.

Amy (model) wanted some VERY unique images of herself.  You have likely seen the previous shot, and this was taken in that same location. The difference is the lighting was now reset, and positioned for more of a head shot.

For this image I am using three lights in the background all gelled red, and then two strip banks on either side of Amy, and then lastly I am using a beauty dish in tight for the main light on her.  A total of 6 lights.  Yes, that sounds crazy, but it's what it takes to get shots to look this way.  It's also why a shot like this will cost you $$$$ to have me come and do.  The amount of time, setup, and effort it takes to pull this all off is incredible.  BUT.. totally worth it.  This shot will remain with Amy for the rest of her life, as it will here on my website and portfolio.. so you just have to decide what is that worth to you?  I bet when she is 70 years old, and looks back.. This shot will be worth more to her then any amount of money you could offer her to take it away from her eyes, and memory.

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Location: Miami, Fl.