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Fashion Photos in Miami

Fashion Photos in Miami are a ton of fun.  They really are.  There are no real rules, and it's a time to be creative with the shots.  I would very much like to do some more of this work in between the weddings that I shoot, and I have a TON of creative ideas that are just waiting for the "right" client to come along :-)

In this shot we have Maria, and she is posing with a GUESS handbag.  Likely half of the people looking at this shot on my website are other photographers, so I will speak to some of the technical aspects of this capture..

Main light was a beauty dish on a boom in very close.  This was girded to prevent too much spill.  As you can see the beam of light was pretty tight here.  This was really important, because if I did not use the grid, or if I used another "soft" modifier I would have a lot of light all over the curb, and this would have drawn too much attention away from Maria.  As it is, I think it was too much LOL, and could have burned that down more in post processing.. but, this is pretty much straight out of camera...  The rim light was also boomed in, from the rear, and over the water.  (the only option).  You can see that nice highlight on her back, hair, and bag.

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Location: Miami, FL.