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Model Photography South Florida

This was a very cool Fashion Session here in South Florida.  What I think is so cool about it, is the fact that the model here is the mom of one of the "Sweet 16" client's I have worked with in the past Danielle!  You can see her images here.

However, mom is in fact a real model and has done lot's of professional work over the years.  I think this session was a way for her to get back to that, or at least test the waters again of being in front of the camera, and I was happy to do this with her.

In this shot, we are in the middle of a private farm field shooting.. and it then started to RAIN!  (something that seems to happen all the time in South Florida this time of year).  Thankfully this was towards the end of the shoot, so we just ran with it as long as possible (until the lights got too wet).  These were some action shots of her jumping in place, and all we needed was the "one" to make it work.  I think we got it here.  The shot is further unique because of all the rain, and the lighting we have in place!

You can actually watch this session live right below in this video!

You can also check out all of the shots from this session over on my blog here.