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Miami Editorial Photographers have a roller coaster of a life.  Always a different project, a new location, and new expectations.  For some this is ideal, and I can see why a lot of people desire this as a career.   However for me, I prefer the more steady, and predictable lifestyle as a Wedding Photographer in Miami.

BUT.  I still love to flex my talents here and there for some production shoots.  Ironically shoots like this teach me a lot about myself, and my own abilities, and a lot of this carries over to weddings.  So, if any bride out there is looking at this and thinking "oh, god".  Please remember that this is the foundation of my style.  This is where I have learned so much about lighting, and how to manipulate my surrounds to work for me vs. conforming to them.  Anyway.. 

Zoe again, same day as previous shots.  This time I am shooting with her inside the back of a train car (location #2).  I have installed some lighting inside the car, and “gelled” it amber to give some warm tones from behind to help “separate” her from the otherwise dark metal.  I love this shot because of the strong contrast, and leading lines of the side of the train car.  If you want to see more from this shoot, check out the full blog post

Specific lighting setup on this shot:

Quadra 400ws inside the train car, gelled 1/1 CTO, aimed at the ceiling.  This was the background, and SOME of the rim light on her.

Then..  another Quadra 400ws camera left as the "real" rim / separation light.  This was also gelled 1/1 CTO.  This is what is making her hair, and legs pop. (so sick)

Lastly, the main light was a Mola Beauty dish with a 1100ws Ranger, with a grid. 1/1 CTO

NOTE:  The camera was set to a WB of apx. 3500K to achieve the blue highlights on the side of the train car.  This was in the middle of day keep in mind.  So, I really truly started with a black frame and "painted" in all of the parts of the shots that I wanted with light.  This is how I generally roll with a shot like this.  I need total control of every aspect.

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Location: 12450 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33177.