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Commercial Fashion Photography Miami

Of all the Commercial Fashion Photography that I have done in Miami, this is one of my favorite shots.  No real reason that jumps out at me.. but, I think mainly because of how everything comes together.. and the fact we shot this on her door step inside the house.

This was a very clever capture.. she was positioned exactly "so", this way the door handle was hidden from the frame.  The lighting was carefully built around her to ensure we had total control over where the light was, and was not going to be.   (see the video below for all the details).  The colors are great, the image pops, and I love how "sleek" all of this ends up looking, and it has a hint of sex appeal too.

One important consideration with this shot, was the pose overall.  I have paid attention to the far arm, and ensured I have spacing between her arm and body.  This was SUPER important, especially with that loose fabric that she has.  IF that arm, was not where it is, it would have blended in with the other part of her body, and this would have lead to her looking larger (mass), and would not have been flattering at all.

You will also notice the legs, and feet.  I have them positioned in a way that is very flattering, and slimming.

The attention to detail here was a big concern.

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Location: Miami, Fl.