Commercial model shoot in Miami
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Commercial model shoot in Miami

This shot was with Tammy Torres, in Miami, FL for a Breast Cancer charity benefit.

This shot was actually taken underneath an interstate bridge in Miami Florida. The lighting here was mostly provided by my artificial light. I’m using just a very tiny tiny amount of the natural ambient light for the far background that is out of focus (which is the cement from the bridge.) 

The main lighting is a Mola beauty dish with a grid. It’s very close to the model. Then I’m using a rim light which is camera left far off in the background out of the frame to provide a little "kiss" of highlights to the balloons and the model. Overall I love the high contrast color palette of this particular shot and this was actually the shot that was used for a breast cancer foundation advertisement. (the reason for the shoot)

I mentioned in the previous image and I will mention it again here because it’s a very important point and that is...  This was a very dangerous location to be taking any pictures. Our photography set up was very very involved so we had to have armed security staff on hand with us at all times to ensure the safety of our model and my crew.

You can never forget about safty on a shoot like this. This should be the first thing you arrange before even thinking of leaving the house.

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Location: Miami, FL.