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Studio Fashion in Miami

This Studio Fashion shot taken in Miami, Fl was for the models "book".  She was building up her portfolio of work (at the time) and wanted some studio shots of her.  She had all the ideas, wardrobe and makeup all set.. she just needed the photos :-)

Now the truth is, I don't have a studio (nor do I want one), so we had to kinda build one out on location.. and I did that very simply.  It took 1 second.  How?  LOL..  because I am using the laws of physics here as my studio.  

i.e.  There is no studio.

That was just a white wall way in the background of her friends apartment.  Yeah! It's true.  If you know what your doing, and understand lighting like I do, you can make anything happen in the camera and you can manipulate your surroundings in ways you never thought possible.

Here is a brief rundown on how I did this.. 

I basically underexposed the wall in the camera to the point where I made it grey.  This is simple.  See.. one second is all it took.  Then, I just added in my lighting one by one with grids until I had the final look I wanted in the camera (what you see here).

That setup was:

Main light (beauty dish), and two "kicker" lights on either side of her (strip boxes).  This gave me the sharp contrast lighting that I wanted and knew would really "pop".


Location: North Miami Beach, Fl.