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Miami Fashion Shoots

I remember this Miami Fashion Shoot like it was yesterday. The thing that you will never know is the fact that we had to shut down the street in which this was taken in order to get the shot. So we literally had barricades up and I was laying down in the middle of the road kinda like I did when we shut down time square New York City (if you haven’t seen that video take a look below.) So in this case we need to get the equipment in the right spot in order to get the shot. So the challenging thing / issue was just the logistics involved. 

You will notice that the city and the general background actually appears to be blue and this is because I’m using a very cool white balance in the camera. I wanted to create a further separation in terms of color on the subject so this is why I have set the camera in this way. Beyond the color separation I’ve also done a really good job at using the lighting to make her pop out of that background. Understand there are 3 lights that are being used here.  There is a main light which was sandbagged to C stand. It used with a grid beauty dish, and this was pretty close to my model. Then I have 2 other lights on stands with sandbags one of the rear to the left and one in the rear to the right and both of these had HP highly polished reflectors to throw the lights as far as possible to create a beautiful rim light on both sides of her body and hair. This is a great example of what the outcome is from a high production photo shoot.

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Here is the video that I referenced above.

Location: Miami, FL.