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Today we did a fashion shoot for Zoe.  She is a college student who loves fashion, and wanted to take a turn at modeling.  She did some searching, and saw my work, my style, and decided I was the perfect fit for what she was looking for.   She sent me some different ideas on the looks she was thinking about, and we made a plan to go and shoot.  We did two locations, and the images came out amazing...

For the first shot we drove way out to the middle of “no where” and wanted to find some nice open fields.  I wanted to create some contrast, both in terms of the colors but also in terms of the wardrobe (heels, and dress in dirt.. um, no).  However, with the lighting, and clean compositions they make for some very unique imagery.  I had two assistants with me, and we brought a little over 2,000 watts of lighting power with us out in that field.  I had so much control over the ambient light, I could have turned mid day sun, into midnight and still keep lighting on my subject!  (this means I could have underexposed the camera to make everything black, yet still have plenty of light on her).

I really like this shot.  It's super sexy, a little fantasy, and very confusing all at the same time.  I could totally see this (or something like this) in a mall, or ad of some kind.. and that was the whole idea.

Lighting setup here was two strobes.. 1100ws on the main, camera left on a boom with a Mola Beauty Dish in tight.  (no sock).  Rim (separation light) was camera right, just out of frame and this was a 400ws Quadra at 1/1 power fired into a polished silver HP reflector for even more punch.  

You can see more from this shoot here on my blog post.


Location: Miami, Fl.