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Bridal Shoots in Miami

Doing a Bridal Shoot in Miami comes as easy to me as drinking a glass of water.  Somehow I just.. "get on stage" and direct.  I love it.  The lighting becomes my paint, and the location the canvass.  I take my subjects, and bring out the best in them all the while using my personality and technical abilities to make the end results happen!

In this shot I have "faked" a sunset by using my lighting in a unique way.  This is something that you don't typically see in other wedding photographers work, yet showcases some very forward thinking.

More from this session can be seen here on my blog.

Location: Fairchild Gardens

Bridal Salon: Brides of Florida

Flowers: Rodri Studio

Hair & Makeup: Marz

Lighting: Elinchrom Ranger Speed AS & Quadra's

Location: 10901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33156.