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Las Vegas Wedding Photographers I have always loved Las Vegas and I have always wondered how the local Las Vegas Wedding Photographers liked working in that market.  Because, for me it would seem like a dream come true.  Mountains, desert, nightlife, it really seems to have it all, (granted I am from Vermont and moved … Read more

Risk, Regret & Reward. The turning point of my life.

Miami Wedding Photographer

This is a sit down, serious talk on the biggest turning point of my life and how my business started. I know that many people, including myself look to inspiration from others to sometimes help them through a difficult time in their own lives. Hopefully you can relate with me, and my situation to see how I faced risk, learned from regret and now have the biggest reward in the world.

My Complete Photography Data Workflow

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY WORKFLOW [dropcap]I[/dropcap] remember six years ago when I was ready to invest big in a computer system, that the one and only thing I really truly cared about was absolute data integrety. This is, and always will be the most important thing in my business. Period. A photographers data workflow (wether they realize … Read more