Risk, Regret & Reward. The turning point of my life.

Risk, Regret & Reward.  The turning point of my life.

At almost every client meeting..  it comes up on how I “got started” with photography, life etc..  and it always springs me into a very short, and compressed version of my story.  Because it’s my story, and so close to me..  I never really saw, or understood how impactful it can be for others, until one day I had one of my clients in tears sitting in front of me.  She had told me, that she was so inspired.. that I should share this with the world.


Here it is.

It was not easy to make this video, and a part of me even questioned doing it at all…  but.. the irony is that this is the entire point of my story, in that I needed to take some risks, understand regret and then now as a result of that… am able to live the rewards in which has now become the incredable life that I am so thankful for.

So, if you can spare 17 min of your time without interruption.. I invite you to sit down, and let me share my very inspirational, motivating, life changing story on how I became who I am today.

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