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This is arguably one of the most important blog posts I will make for a long time..  Yes, its nice to see all the images, and all the end results that myself, (or any photographer for that matter) is capable of producing…. and when your “shopping” around for a photographer your likely quickly skimming through sites, and gathering an “overall” feel for what you may come to —expect— from that creative professional on your own wedding day.

Funny enough tho, ironically, this is the blog post where you should focus your attention if you want to truly gain some knowledge, and understand how things work…

I get it… and being married myself, I can speak on this topic at length from both the prespective of going through the process of my own wedding, as well as now having shot close to 300 weddings in seven years, all the while running a successful business behind the camera.

Now, while this “window shopping” of photographers websites maybe fun, it can be (at times) extremely misleading depending on your expectations, and the photographers ability (or lack there of) to communicate with you —exactly— what they offer, and what you can truly expect as an end result for YOUR wedding, which, as your going to learn is not as easy as you (or most photographers, in fact) may think.

Over the years, I have learned a lot.  I have made mistakes, I have seen what works, what does not work, and wiped both tears of successes and failure from my eyes.  To stay in business for a long period of time on your own takes a hell of a lot of effort, and dedication regardless of what your “selling”..  then, add in the “emotional” aspects of “wedding” and your dealing with a very complex, and dynamic range of challenges on top of the mechanics of running the business itself.

It’s hard.

I personally came to a point of change a few years ago when I channeled some of the frustrations I was experiencing into “motivational power” to sit down, and really re-think the entire wedding photography process, client expectations, and what my role really needs to be for true, and honest success for the future.   I have grown to strongly disagree on how the “average” (most all) photographer(s) (or even some of the top pros) seem to run their business as it relates to the logistical framework of the day, and the global effects this can have on client expectations as the final, lasting result.  Which..  lasts a lifetime.

Although the video below is presented for “photographers” it is very much my intention for this to be transparent to all of my clients, so that they too understand these very important points, and can be better educated to ultimately make informed choices when selecting vendors for their wedding day.



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