[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are new to my site and blog and are just seeing this post, you likely have not had a chance to read my thoughts as to why I enjoy Miami Fashion Photography, and other commercial projects when my primary focus is weddings.  You can read and see more in my commercial gallery here.

If your a bride planning a wedding, don’t be turned off!  This is actually very important content to consider, not so much because of the subject matter… but because it showcases ability that goes way beyond the standard “photographer”, and this to a degree transcends into your wedding day making the imagery that much more impactful, polished, and “high end”.

Miami Fashion Photography, (or any other commercial photography for that matter) that I do, I do mainly to take a step back, and allow my brain to process a new set of challenges.  This involves, lighting, composition, direction, posing, and a general in the field workflow that is obviously different then that of your wedding day.  This is extremely..  —extremely—  important for any creative professional because it opens the mind to new techniques, possibilities, and allows them to stay sharp at what they need to focus on, so that.. they don’t burn out and loose focus on what actually matters most inside of their brand.

So, with all of that said, lets take a look at some Miami Fashion Photography!

First, this session (relationship) actually started 5 years ago when I shot Marielena’s daughter Danielle for her “sweet 16” pictures.  This was one of my all-time favorite sessions, because everything just really came together.  Her dress was her mothers wedding dress that had been altered!  That was incredible, and she had a “theme” in mind for some of the images, which worked well.. and just loved how it all came out.

As it turned out, her mother Marielena is a formal model and although is no longer active.. wanted to explore doing a shoot with me to get some new images of herself, and perhaps use for leverage to once again do some print work.   I was honored, and excited at the opportunity!

This also brings up an interesting point that I have always tried to communicate to people, especially women.. and people that are just engaged..  is that, the whole idea of doing an “engagement session” (see my gallery here) before the wedding.. is to in fact have the ability to get some nice images of the two of you at this “peak” point in your life, when you may feel that you look your best.  Generally speaking, once your married, have kids, and get back into the day to day of life.. your very unlikely (dare I say… ever?) going to say to yourself.. “hey, I want to do a session for just me!”?  LOL. [perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The point, is that as you age, and go through the different stages of life.. images, (just like a solid financial investment) become more valuable to you as the time ticks on.  It’s the only way you can hold on to a specific time in your life, and sadly.. like sound financial investments.. very few people understand this concept, and go without.[/perfectpullquote]

Marielena, understood this concept on her own and wanted to capitalize on it before any more time passed.  I was excited for a fun time, very little rules, and a full day of shooting!

With Marielena’s permission, I wanted to document this session with one of my behind the scenes videos.  So, we did and I have this for you below to check out.  This, perhaps is even more important then the actual images that I will show because this shows you, as the viewer what the session looks like, what the working dynamic is, and what you can expect when working with me on location…  more to the point.. the –experience– .  It’s easy to test drive a car, try on a skirt, sunglasses, etc.. all before you buy.. this is my way to truly connect with people, so they can better understand whats involved, and how things come out.

Also, for more of what I do.. be sure to check out my YouTube channel here!



Be SURE to watch the full experience above ^

Miami Fashion Photography
Above ^ if you look close enough camera right, you can see traces of rain!  It had started to rain, and we had her run towards camera with a heavy backlight from behind in hopes to capture some of the rain.  The image is ironic, because we “all” had to run after this shot to dry cover!
Miami Fashion Photography
Above ^ I love the clean, concise backdrop which was her own house (see video for details).  This worked well, and with her “loud” attire it really all came together well.
Miami Fashion Photography
Above ^ I have no idea where on earth you can find a car with a tree growing out of it in South, FL.  and.. for a price, I will tell you LOL. 😉  But, it was fun to play with for sure!  So, were the cut tree stumps laying in her backyard.
Miami Fashion Photography
Above ^ I love the tone of red in this one (left), and the pose, .. it all worked well and gave a very high fashion kinda look.


  1. Travis is by far one of the most professional, fun and risk taker photographer I have ever worked with. If you want quality and reliable services with attention to detail, then Travis is your man! Thank you Travis for your quality work , I just enjoy aways working with you!❤️

  2. Aww Thanks so much Marielena! We had SO much fun that day, and 5 years ago when we shot your daughters session. Such a wonderful family to be apart of 🙂 One day when she gets married.. you know who to call! Love you all. Travis

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