Corporate Headshots in Miami, FL

Today I am going to bring you with me for some Corporate Headshots in Miami, and just talk in general about the process.  First, I understand that I am speaking as a “Miami Wedding Photographer” however this does NOT define or limit my abilities what-so-ever when thinking about something like corporate head shots.  In fact, it gives me the edge because in the wedding dynamic things happen fast, resources are always limited, and the environment is always changing.

This is a consideration, because it forces me to make the best of any situation I am faced with, and STILL exceed the expectation with my client.

For example, the Corporate Headshots in Miami that we did yesterday happened in a spare conference room (as you will see in the video below), and I really did not want to have to bring a whole “backdrop”, or huge paper roll to hang up.. this starts to become too much setup and really is not my style of working.   Instead, I speak about how

I was able to use the principles of light (direction, and fall off) along with exposure values in the camera to “create” the background I wanted using a plain wall in the distance.

When you look at the final images, you would never have known this was shot in this simple type of environment.

I educate A LOT both to clients, and photographers on how it’s important that photographers have a real focus, and in my video “Client Expectations” this point is really made.  In this case, this IS something that I have a focus on, and more to the point have a solid framework / workflow for it.  Going back, and relating this to my seven years as a wedding photographer..  I have been programed to bring out the best of my clients.  Things like how to use the light in any situation, how to communicate and “pose” people for best results, and most importantly, MY personality and things that come out of my mouth.. which make the “shot”.

In this session,  I was able to get “studio” looking shots with lots of control out on location, and I did not have to deal with a backdrop system of any kind and that meant less setup.  For thease Corporate Headshots in Miami, my clients where in front of the camera for no more then FIVE MIN.  Thats it.  I always bring an assistant to help with setting up.. and someone who can stand in for any test shots, or “experiments”.  This saves time, so that I am totally ready to go when your called in.. and only takes a few min to actually get the shot and you can move on with your day.

In the video you see lots of gear, and this is mainly because I just never really know what tool I may need.  So, I come prepared and thats really important.  Yes, there is some setup, and lights that I use.. but, really its a pretty simple process.. and I talk about that on the video below!

Corporate Headshots in MiamiLet’s take a look at this first image (above)..  What stands out to me is her eyes, and hair.  This was all due to the lighting technique, and how I have her positioned.  The important note that may not be so obvious, is that notice her arms.. I have them slightly separated from her body, and this (especially for a woman) is really important so that figure is well defined, and body parts don’t all “lump” together.  So, many times I will see images of people (from other photographers), and will notice lots of opportunity for improvement, and this generally is in the small details.Corporate Headshots in MiamiThe image here of the gentleman, is not as critical on the arm separation due to the dark sport coat, and general nature in which it is going to be used.  Here, it was just a matter of getting him into position, and then me bringing out something within him, to get the expression, and then I have the shot.Corporate Headshots in MiamiThis last image, notice the same frame work as I spoke about above.. the arms have been carefully posed (you can see me doing this on the video below as well). so that nothing touches, and I have created a small window of “space” between her body, and this in conjunction with her leaning towards camera is the most flattering baseline for any images.  From there, it then comes down to me, and my own personality to “extract” the look, and result.

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  1. Hi Travis,

    Love this video. Very informative about how you pose your subject.

    May I ask you what is the brand of your reflector under the subject and also…what is the brand of your camera belt holster. Is it the Spider Camera Holster SpiderPro ? I watched all your videos specially behind scene wedding and you wear this comfortable camera holster.

    Thank you !


  2. Hey James! I dont remember off the top of my head.. but, it was unique to this situation anyway. Every setup will be different. In this case, I needed to dial in the ambient, and find the “fall off” of flash vs. the far backwall. I cover some of this stuff in my workshop video here: This could be a big help for anything relating to posing, lighting, and composition for sure!

  3. Hi Herve! Yes of course! I use the California Sunbounce reflectors. I love them, and I get the “Zebra” ones for all the work that I do. Yes, the holster is made by Spider.

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