A Miami Makeup Artist has a very important job on the wedding day (or any shoot for that matter).  However, I can’t tell you the amount of times I have walked in to a wedding day, or arrived on a location for a photo-shoot, and I am told that either the hair and makeup team is late, or are taking longer then expected.   This will ALWAYS result in less creative content from the photographer, and puts extra stress on the client, and just changes the dynamic of the day in general.  Take a look, and read the first paragraph of this session I did back in October of 2015.. This is a prime example of what I am talking about, and what you want to avoid.

First we need to stop and understand that its rarely just one persons fault when things don’t go as planned.  Generally, its a mix of limited communication on both ends (client and vendor) and this can stem from things as simple as not knowing when people need to be ready, to people in fact showing up late, or a vendor getting a little too caught up in the fun and conversation (and drinks) on the wedding day.. all of which result in lost time, and this means LOST creative opportunity.

Often times at weddings, I literally sit back and and say to myself.. “I need to write a book”..  well.. I guess you can call my blog that book 😉

A Miami Makeup Artist, like any other vendor needs to stay focused, and more specifically manage client expectations (which is a topic that I have covered in my own world, and can read about it here.)  Just like with photography, a Miami Makeup Artist is dealing with the same subjective content as a photographer (self image) and proper / direct communication is needed to help save time, and this goes well beyond any subjective results.

This is why its generally a mistake to choose a vendor (any vendor, including photographers) mainly on their “end result”,

because you may not realize the global impact that could have to the day and other opportunity that may be present and this applies to all types of vendors.

I would say that the wedding market of “professionals” is very saturated.  Everyone thinks they are a “pro”, and that term looses it’s meaning to the general public more and more by the day.  However, the TRUE professionals out there, work hard, do this FULL TIME day in and day out, have taken some risks in life, and have really put themselves out there.  They have years of experience, have made mistakes, and recovered to be stronger and wiser then before.

Unfortunately “price” all too often becomes the deciding factor for many, when in reality the most important factors are personality, professionalism, and experience MIXED with true core talent.

This can not be overlooked, if you really care about best results.

Miami Makeup Artist

So, this brings me to my introduction of one Miami Makeup Artist that is truly a cut above the rest.

Sissi Ceballo.

After now worked with Sissi in the field for over 6 years, I wanted to sit down and interview her to showcase her unique story of hard work and success.  I can type, and type, and make videos on the getting ready part of the day (and I have, and should watch my video on Bride’s Advice) but sitting down with Sissi proved to be time well spent, as she got to also explain her thoughts from her own experience.  Not only that, you get to know her in video and understand a bit of her back story, which is very emotional, and motivational to anyone.

Sissi in many ways reminds me of.. me.  Granted we come from different backgrounds, but hard work, sacrifice and focus is something we both share and is no wonder I love working with her on any project.  This blog post, and the things I am speaking of.. is a prime example as to why I never refer people based on any end result.  Thats way too subjective, and what one person may like another will not.  It’s the same with photography.  However, when I do recommend someone.. its based on them, personally.  This makes all the difference in the world, and is how all people should be making recommendations.. but unfortunately they don’t because they allow subjective content steer them one way or another.

Here is the 90-second commercial that I dreamed up for Sissi..

and then… here is the full sit down interview that I did!

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  1. Sissi is a young talented lady.
    She does amazing jobs, and she is an expert that make bridals feel like princess.

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