Another set of stunning images from a Miami Quinceanera photoshoot! It was a long, hot and challenging day on this one, but we got some unique images that I have yet to do (such as being up high in a tree, and getting commercial grade lighting gear up there too). I got to play with rocks, and also battle the hard sun beating down. I even had one power generator shut down because of heat!! (we had two others, so it was fine haha). Make no mistake, this was a ton of work and a true production photoshoot that lasted several hours. A special Thanks to one of dedicated assistants who lives her life on a dime based around my productions. Luz, Thank You so much.. I could not have done any of this without you there. Also, hair and Makeup was just brillant.. and this was provided by “Rosa Alba” with “idomakeup” hit her up on her Facebook Fan Page! She is excellent, and very responsive. Thanks Rosa.

If you are looking at my site, and blog for a photographer I feel it’s very important to understand that when looking for photographers anywhere, we all have something different to offer. The results seen on my site, and blog reflect my obsession with commercial photography and advanced lighting. When myself and my team arrive to a shoot, wedding, anything.. we are prepared to execute a “production” and come with the tools to do absoultly anything imagainable photographically. This is a tremendous advantage for all my clients, and differes greatly from what you can expect from other photographers within my price point, which also makes our brand a great value.



  1. I LOVE THEM!!! thank you so much Travis for making my sweet sixteen photo shoot an absolute success!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing! really want to thank you Travis, for all the hard work that you put into making Michelle’s Sweet Sixteen photo shoot an amazing work of art! We have no words to explain how grateful and happy we are that we got to work with you on this special occassion! It was meant for the photo-shoot to be with you. Just the Professional we were looking for. Thank you again, we couldn’t have done it without such a great photographer like yourself! You made my daughter’s dream a reality. thanks!!!!!
    Victor and Stella

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