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Vizcaya offers some of the best backdrops anywhere in Miami for Engagement Photos.

I think a lot of people are put off from doing a session at Vizcaya because they feel that this location is over done. You just can't deny how amazing all the shots come out tho.

I had talked about this image of Varune & Cristal (above) on my blog when I showed the whole session.  I saw this puddle, and wanted to use the reflection as part of my composition.  I had them stand very close to it, and I got very low with the camera to “amplify” the mirror effect from the water.  Cristal's dress was rather long, and was going to touch the water.. so I came up with an “excuse” for her to pull it back, turn, and kiss her man.  The end result was a beautiful capture that shows excellent creativity.  For lighting here, I am using a mix of natural light and an off camera studio light camera left for some “pop”.

So one of the key takeaways from this shot is the fact that the lighting is not so powerful that it’s ruining what the ambient light is already doing in the frame. I have the lighting set so that it just barely adds a little bit of pop to the image and that’s the most important take away.

You can see more from the session here on my blog.


Location: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129.