[dropcap]It[/dropcap] was an overcast, hot and humid day in Miami Florida for todays engagement session. This seems to be the “normal” weather conditions lately LOL. Thankfully tho, Vizcaya offers a beautiful photography backdrop and I always find a way to make it interesting and unique no matter how many times I have been there before.

All the way from Trinidad, Varune and Cristal came to Miami to visit some family that lives here and wanted to do an engagement session with me. They are currently planning a 300 person wedding that will happen in Trinidad early 2016. I bet it will be amazing!

So, a little back story on how they met which was both interesting and funny.. Varune met Cristal back when he was 17 years old when he gave her a ride home from class on day.  Then, two years later they both ended up attending George’s School of Medicine.  They were paired as lab partners, and Varune dared Cristal to smell a petri dish of bacteria (how romantic, LOL) and of course she did and of course she then ended up with a major chest infection as a result.  Five years later they met again at a Christmas church service and Varune asked her out for sushi.  She said yes, and showed up all dressed up thinking she might meet a guy, as at the time she did not realize that Varune had developed feelings for her and that this was much more then just a friend hanging out with another friend.  Every since that day, their love and compassion for one another has grown stronger and stronger.

Varune, Cristal I want to Thank You both personally.  Myself, and Chip had a blast working with you!  It was not an easy day, and the elements were not exactly “photo favorable”, yet I think we were able to pull off some very impressive shots.  The fact that you both were so incredibly easy going, and so incredibly easy to work with made all the difference.  I wish you both the very best in your new life together, and hope that the images I captured will remain with you well beyond your lifetime to mark this exciting chapter.


Vizcaya engagement photo Miami, FloridaVizcaya engagement photo Miami, Florida

Cristal was so beautiful, I had to get at least one solid shot of her in motion.  Here the backdrop worked very well.  To spite how effortless it looks, it was hard for her to stand in the high heels in that soft sand.  She kept sinking in, so she is actually supporting her weight on the top of her feet to prevent sinking in, LOL.Vizcaya engagement photo Miami, FloridaI wanted to create a “fashion inspired” image.  I mean, from the moment Varune walked up in the parking lot and said hello to me all I could think about was Ricky Ricardo.  This guy was slick from head to toe, and it’s no wonder why Cristal fell in love with him.Vizcaya engagement photo Miami, FloridaOne of my personal favorite images from the entire shoot.  Looked over, and saw this puddle of water on the ground (it was raining just an hour before hand).. I had watched other people walk around it and everyone was trying to avoid it.  I look over at Cristal, smile and said “do you think I can get you over there.. in the mud?”  Without a hesitation, she did and I was able to get this incredible shot.Vizcaya engagement photo Miami, FloridaFor some reason, each time that I would pose Varune and tell him to do something Cristal would start cracking up laughing, and it was so cute.  I captured several moments of this, but here it really works well.Vizcaya engagement photo Miami, FloridaVizcaya engagement photo Miami, FloridaI have been to Vizcaya maybe…. 100 times?  Never have I been there when it was -empty-.  Well, almost.  But I had enough time to get this stunning shot, which looks stunning in HD in actual size on say a wall.Key Biscayne engagement photo by lighthouseThe second location was the beach, and they wanted to get some shots with the lighthouse in the background.  So off to Key Biscayne we went.Key Biscayne engagement photo by lighthouseThe last two images are also my next favorite shots from the session.  I really enjoyed shooting with some more natural tones.  However, my assistant is still working hard here with over 400 watts of lighting power just out of the frame camera right, standing on a large hill to provide the lighting I wanted to create this look.Key Biscayne engagement photo by lighthouse


  1. Travis and chip were an absolute pleasure to work with. From the start, they made us feel so comfortable, it felt like we’d been friends for years.
    Travis is an absolute master of his craft, and we greatly appreciated his guidance throughout the shoot because it has lead to some wonderful shots.
    He was patient at all times and always making sure we had input to make our shoot reflect us.
    We would recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly.

  2. My heartfelt thanks to Travis and Chip who were at once superbly professional, accommodating, entertaining and friendly. They made a great team and I had a great time working with them.

    Travis is a perfectionist, an artist and a great director but he does it all with an easy-going attitude and a smile.
    I really respect the work he does and appreciate his attention to detail.

    I would highly recommend them.

  3. Thank you so much! I appreciate your support!

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