Unique Vizcaya Engagement Photos
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Unique Vizcaya Engagement Photos

So here we have another engagement photo that was taken at Vizcaya, in Miami Florida. For this shot I have my clients posed in a way that makes them look like their models in a fashion ad. The lighting here for this shot is provided by the ambient, and also by my off camera lighting that I am using in the shot. Special attention has been given to the pose for this particular shot. You will notice that I have well defined all of the features of my client. Take special note of her arms and legs & his stance and placement of hands. You will see that I have ensured that there is breathing space on all of their features, and this allows for the most flattering shot possible.

One of the main reasons why I love shooting at Vizcaya, is because there is no shortage of places to take amazing photos. Regardless if the day is sunny, cloudy, or even raining (in this case) we always have a place to take some type photo., and I think that is really amazing.

I think the challenge for most photographers, is for them to come up with creative, different, and unique ways to shoot images at the same location over and over again. This is a real challenge that I myself have had to overcome and I continue to do so.

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Location: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129.