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Times Square Engagement Photos

Yeah, your not mistaken.. This is Times Square NYC and there are no people around.  For these Times Square Engagement Photos we actually..


Don't believe me?  (I would not either) check out this video!

Now, after you wrap your head around the fact we shut down one of busiest places on earth for a session, the next question becomes.. HOW.  and.. I am afraid I can't tell you.  At least not here on my site ;-)

What I can tell you is all about the technical aspects that went into these Times Square Engagement Photos.

I had two other assistants with me (thank god), one of them shot that video for me, of me in action.. and the other girl helped me with my lighting in the middle of the pedestrian side of Times Square NYC.  I used two lights.  One as a kicker (rim light) on a stand camera right (just out of the frame), and the other (main light) was hand held on a boom stick by my other assistant (camera left).  Both lights were triggered via pocket wizards, and I was actually freaking out because the lights would only fire once every few frames.  Why?  Well, I assume it had to do with all the radio RF "noise" in the middle of Times Square.  So, I had to over shoot everything and deal with a bunch of "blank frames" but that was okay, as long as I got a few good shots.. that's all that mattered.  and.. of course the video of my laying on my back in the middle of Times Square shooting this ;-)

Their wedding took place at the Waldorf Astoria NYC a few days later, and that was another epic experience!  Be sure to check out this blog post here for more content from this crazy session!


Location: 301 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022.