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Miami Train Museum Engagement Photos

Miami Train Museum Engagement Photos are always a ton of fun.  I love it because everything is easy, in one place, and it is covered LOL.  My clients love it because it's fairly unique, and offers up an opportunity to play out a little fantasy.  Either way, it's a win every time and the shots speak for themselves.

Here, I spot this long silver train car and decided to make a more intimate capture.  Notice, that I don’t have Melissa’s back to the train.  I have specifically asked her to “arch” her back, and make minimal contact with the train car itself.  The little empty space that is present between her back, and the train car is very important to define her figure.  Her waist is pressed tight with Steven’s to bring them as close as possible, and I have ensured that I have some separation with her shoes so that they don’t blend together.  Lighting is with two remote lights, one camera right on a stand up high, and gelled 1/1 CTO, and the other is also camera right, and was a large deep “octa bank”. Together they provided the most perfect lighting for this setup, and it looks like it was taken right out of a movie.  Would you agree?

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Location: 12450 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33177.