I love a good challenge, especially when it comes to photography. When I first met Melissa and Steven, I had no idea the adventure I would be undertaking behind the camera! Turns out, they actually met for the first time during a “Salsa Dance” class! So, it was special to them to get some nice engagement shots that would bring them back to this time. I must say, that after watching them together on the dance floor.. it made me think “maybe I am missing out here.. LOL” Perhaps I too can take some lessons and surprise my wife! 🙂 Anyway, this day was packed with adventure from 5AM beach shoot, to their dance studio (which photographically was one of the most challenging things anyone can possibly shoot), to a train station! At each location myself and my team went and setup all of our gear / lighting and we had a lot of fun. For parts of it, I felt like a movie director.. every little thing needed to be set, and working in place. It was truly “Lights, Camera, and Action!”.

A special thanks to my dedicated produciton team, including Marta, Luz, and Holly. Additional thanks to their wonderful wedding planner Lorraine who put the concepts together, and booked all the venues. It was more then just hard work.. it was a complete collaboration between all parties.. and I really felt at home managing it all.

Thank You, Melissa and Steven for trusting me to execute all of your ideas.. I hope we exceeded your expectation, and I am very much looking forward to the big wedding day next year!! 🙂

– Travis


  1. OH MY GOD!! words cannot describe how absolutely in love we are with the pictures! It was such an incredible experience and we couldn’t have shared it with a better crew. We will forever be thankful to Marta, Luz, Holly for all the hard work, but most importantly to you Travis for your amazing eye. Thank you for all that you did for us and we cannot wait to do it all over for our wedding =)

  2. You are both very welcome! I loved it. Every single moment of it. Also, I wanted to Thank You for taking all of us out for dinner and drinks after the shoot to celebrate! That sure felt good after a long day! 😉

    – T

  3. WOW!!!! I’m still trying to pick up my mouth from off the floor. These pictures are absolutely stunning! Travis, I want to thank you and your crew for such an amazing job. The way you guys brought our idea and were able to make it into a masterpiece is just simply incredible. We really had an amazing time doing this shoot and we’re very happy to have that opportunity to have dinner with you guys. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. I can’t wait for the wedding. Btw… We’re blowing up one of these pictures and putting it up on the living room wall. lol

  4. Travis, from the beginning I knew you were going to have your hands full, but I never doubted the pictures would be beautiful and you surpassed all of my expectations. The attention to detail (Steven move your thumb to the left), and the professionalism of you and your assistants left no doubt in my mind. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all of my clients. I have gained an amazing photographer to add to my portfolio and a friend.

    Lorraine Curbelo,
    Once Upon An Event

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