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Lighthouse Engagement Photos Miami

I have seen so many Lighthouse Engagement Photos taken in Miami, and I have to say.. I think most of them are pretty "cheesy".  Let's adjust our way of thinking, and try and be a little more creative..

For the concept on this shot we really wanted something different, and very unique. So rather than posing the client in a static way and just use the lighthouse as a pretty backdrop, we wanted to incorporate some sort of a story that would leave you (the viewer) wanting to know more. I think we’ve accomplished that by having them hold hands and walking away, looking away from the camera.  It adds an element of mystery, and intrigue and it springs the imagination to "fill in the blank".  Is she taking him home, to the car, perhaps to meet a friend?  Make she wants to make love to him in the grass.. who knows, but in any case its an open book and a powerful image because if not only what it does tell, but what it does NOT tell.  The fun part of photography is this.. it's seeing how others think about different ideas.

This shot (above) was taken near “Bill Baggs Park” on Key Biscayne.  The soft tones, tall grass, and muted color really all came together for a shot that I could not stop looking at after it was taken.  While this may look like a “natural light” shot, your wrong.  Camera right there is a large, deep dish octa bank dumping around 400 watts of power to control shadows.

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Location: 1200 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149.