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Deering Estate Engagement pictures

For these Deering Estate Engagement Pictures we were going for something very different.  This all started out in Coconut Grove as a story themed shoot (you need to see the blog post, and watch the video to understand all the details) and then we ended up here at the Deering Estate for the second half of the session.

On occasion my clients ask about props, and 100% of the time I tell them "it's up to you" YOU have to sell it, and make it YOU!  That;s the key.  So, what I mean is this.. you could take 3 different couples, and try and do the same shot with a blanket, picnic, etc..  and it won't come out the same across all sessions.  It very much depends on the couple, and what THEIR level of involvement is.

Another tip.. is to NOT force you man to "go along" with any ideas.  If he is not into your ideas, or thinks something is silly then please.. help me, help you and don't do the idea.  It's that simple.  Why?  Well, because I will be the one who needs to deal with it, and this is not a reasonable expectation to have of me.  As much as you may have high expectations of me, and the results that I provide.. I also have expectations of my clients in the sense that they are wearing cloths they love, feel comfortable, and have selected locations, or ideas that THEY really want to do.  Otherwise everything becomes an uphill battle, and it's like trying to drive a car with only three wheels moving.  It wont go smoothly.  Make sense?

So, as you can see in all of the photos from this session, I had the full support and buy in from Chris (groom).  He was 110% on board with all of the ideas and did incredible.

Be sure to check out the full session here on my blog.

Location: 16701 SW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33157.