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Dancing Engagement Photos

These Dancing Engagement Photos were actually taken in a dance studio.  This is actually where they first met (dance lessons) and so they wanted to bring that into their session with me.  

Let me tell you right now.. this was one of the hardest sessions I have ever done.  Period.  Getting that studio space cleaned up, free of distractions, and then getting my lighting into place was not an easy task, and if I ever do something like this again.. there is going to be a premium price for it!  It was a ton of extra work, but.. it paid off!  Image above, this is no pose.  This is completely captured in the moment of them moving FAST.  My lighting, and timing had to be on par!  Lighting here was two full length strip banks with grids camera left and right, and a beauty dish as a main light, slightly camera right.  Photoshop was used here but ONLY to remove the light stands that I could not avoid. Less then 2 min edit.

I LOVE challenges like this with my photography.  If you have a creative idea like this, please let me know and we can talk about it!

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Location: Miami, FL.