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Coconut Grove Engagement Photos

For some of these Coconut Grove Engagement Photos, we wanted to create a "story" on how they met.  So rather then simply going to different locations and just using them as backgrounds, we created the story board and directed this just like a movie.  This type of session, and level of planning is what I would like to do more of. (I just need the "right clients" for it.)  I think the hardest part is that.. finding client's that are also creative, and can be a little flexible and not someone who just "wants what she did".  Rather then looking at my site, pinterest, or any other source please just use all of this as an inspiration for your own creative ideas.  Going out and attempting to do the same thing will never work out as well as you think.  So, I think the key is to be original, and have something so special that no one can compare.  Make sense?  So start thinking!

I gotta say, this (so far) has been my favorite session to date when it comes to the actual content, concept and execution.  What's incredible is when you take all of the images from this shoot and start to group them together in a blog post or book.  Then it all really makes sense and comes together.

A clever “sexy” shot to introduce Chris to this very unique shoot that I did.  I challenge my clients all the time with different ideas and concepts.  This was one shoot where it has paid off, and over 50,000 people have watched the behind the scenes video on how it all went down (see below).  I would love to do more projects like, so if this is something that your interested in, please let me know and I can start planning!

Even better then looking at the images, please check out this video.  This way you can come along with us, and see exactly what went into the making of this one of a kind session.

Of course check out their full session here on my blog!

Location: 2640 S. Bayshore Dr. Coconut Grove, FL 33133.