A big Congratulations to Amy & Neal! What can I say, this was a beautiful and intimate wedding that took place here in South Florida at the Kampong, which is a National Tropical Botanical Garden and a wonderful place to have your wedding here in Miami. What I loved most about the Kampong is that it is a South Florida Wedding Photographers dream come true! The landscape is Filled with beautiful content everywhere you turn, not mention the ceremony location is right on the water. If thats not enough, the reception is located right there on property and it becomes a Wedding Venue in South Florida that is very unique.


Amy & Neal had decided to do a “First Look” before the wedding. This was a nice idea, as it allowed us to get shots of them, and some family taken care of before the ceremony. It also allowed us to take advantage of the daylight, and they got to enjoy the cocktail hour 🙂


As a South Florida Wedding Photographer, we are always trying to get the best shot or a new and unique perspective. Here above, I really enjoyed this take on Amy walking down the “isle” over the shoulder of the groom (Neal). Further, we are taking shots of other family members during the same time, and you can see here in the blog post how I have paired up the image of mom over on the right with the main image to the left. This creates a nice “story telling” feel to the imagery and is something I would do in an album as well.


This moment was my favoritre part of the entire day. This (to me) sums up everything. The moment Amy and Neal are joined and about to start their live together at their Wedding in South Florida. The facial expressions, and body language are priceless!


Congratulations again Amy & Neal, I wish you both the very best and I was so proud and honored to have been there on your Wedding Day here in South Florida!


  1. Capturing the intimacy and the beauty of a wedding is what every couple wants from their photographer. Travis, you were able to capture the emotions, the beauty and the details of our special day while being discreet and un-ivasive to our intimate moments. The final photos are stunning and we look forward to sharing them with our friends and family.

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