This was a hot shoot… and I mean literally! 100F in Miami! Seven bottles of water, two assistants, 1900 watts of lighting power out on location, and a model that was up for anything as long as it was unique in concept.

Something a bit different to keep my commercial style skill set’s sharp.. (which I use as a baseline for all my work, regardless of what I am shooting) and to show the ultimate in lighting control on location. When you hire the right photographer, who can control the elements that effect photography “photoshop” is not needed or used to create any “gimmicky” effects to mask substandard work 🙂 This term “photoshop” needs to die.. and we as creative pro’s need to be just that.. professional in our productions regardless of how simple, or complex they may be and start getting the details right in the camera so that we can deliver consistent results to our client’s and maintain a brand.

Enjoy this set.. my fav. are the first one.. and the second to last image. I really liked how the lighting, and composition all came together.

For the tech savvy people: we are using both hard, and soft light depending on several factors, and efficiency is one of them (mid day work, requires A LOT of power).. Everything was shot with Canon’s 1DX Flagship camera.. which, is an incredible machine. With that said, I could have shot everything here with a simple $800 DSLR and you would never had known the difference. It’s all in the lighting, and control. Most shots here are three lights (x1 1100W x2 400W heads).. However, there are a few shots where we either needed more power, or wanted to light the background to create depth, dimension and texture. To achieve this an additional two to three strobes where used.. and gel’ed depending on the color temperature I wanted to create.

When I refer to myself as having a “commercial” style, the details in regards to lighting is what I am mostly speaking of. On the wedding day, or out on a location project.. it’s all the same process.. and all speaks to what I like to do. I don’t care if all I have is a simple window to work with, to take that light and control it is the foundation to create images better then most.