Miami Wedding Photographers Travis Harris, and his talented assistant rocked Melissa and Leo’s wedding at the Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables! From working with them on their Miami Engagement session to all of the little details on their wedding day, Melissa and Leo were such a blast to have as clients! Being flexible, and open minded really allowed us to be creative with all of the shots. One of the most important things I tell all of my clients, is to allow plenty of time for images. In this Miami Wedding at the Westin Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables, we had ample time to use to create some of the images that you see here. This is so important, and arguably the most important thing to consider when planning your wedding, or finalizing your timeline. Often times people underestimate the amount of time it takes to truly do all of what is seen on any photographers website or blog. Granted, in some situations there is simply not a way to get more time, but in many cases its just a matter of using better time management on the wedding day. One of the many wonderful planners I have had the pleasure of working with is Marylen Exposito. She is the Wedding Planner that Melissa and Leo put their trust into, and it really paid off. She is an excellent consideration for anyone planning a wedding that wants to ensure a stress free experience with great results in the end. A big Thank You to my team, and Marylen for making their dreams a reality!

Here are just a few images that I really enjoyed!

Also, to see their Miami Engagement Session you can click HERE!!


  1. Travis,

    Leo and I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the incredible experience and the breathtaking pictures captured. There is not one person on my Facebook page that does not agree. The wedding day was a day that I will forever remember- we now have pictures to make sure of that! 🙂 That day was the most special day and I believe it shows in our faces. May God continue to bless your talent so that you may continue bringing happiness to future brides. Thank you again!

    Melissa and Leo

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