Oh, where do I start? I could go on and on about how great Natalia and Josue are in general, and to work with. But, what was really special about this day.. was I myself felt like I was at my own wedding all over again. The entire day, It was like I was re living my own wedding day back in Vermont (10/16/10). There were so many similar things that unfolded this day.. so many times I found myself laughing at the irony! Heck, even Josue himself reminded me of one of my very best friends in the world.

Natalia and Josue, I want to share something with you.. the “joke” with photographers is that when they get married they want to shoot their own wedding, because they are so picky about everything. Well, I can honestly say that I felt like I still did when I was at yours. For example, the emotional shot I took of Josue when he first saw you Natalia entering the church.. this is one, I never got myself on my day. Me, I lost my emotions at the alter when I saw my wife for the first time.. and I had a great photographer, and not one picture I have of this moment. For me, I was able to help fill a personal hole.. because now when I look at this picture of you Josue.. all it does is remind me of me, and my special day too. So, I Thank You for that, and for allowing me the truly wonderful opportunity to be apart of your wedding day. I love you both, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

– Travis



  1. Wow again! I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with all the work and dedication you and your team have put into making my wedding pictures spectacular! I am so lucky to have found you when I did, I couldn’t imagine anyone else for the job. The pictures are absolutely stunning and everything I knew they would be! Thank you again and again and again for your creativity, you’re commitment to being a great photographer, and most of all your genuine enthusiasm and kindness on our most special day!!! Your work speaks for itself! THANK YOU!

  2. Nice work. I love the lighting. Her dress is beautiful on her and you really captured the emotion!!! Wonderful.

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