Finally an out of town wedding!  This beautiful fall wedding was held at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter in South Florida.  This is a beautiful brand new hotel with tons of “eye candy” shots to be had as you will see!  I was more then happy to pack up all my gear and make the trip from Maimi to be apart of their wedding.  Funny enough, their wedding (10/16/15) was on my own five year wedding anniversary!  It made the day extra special for me, and I am so thankful I have a wonderful wife who supports all that I do 🙂

Keli, originally from Pennsylvania moved to South Florida in 2009 and was big into cross fit and running.  In 2013 she had injured herself in her first half marathon and it prevented her from going back to cross fit.  Desperate to keep a healthy lifestyle, and to continue to workout she had a friend that told her to join his gym, and that they offered a 30 day trial.  So, on June 4th 2013 Keli went for the first time and was put with a trainer… Eric.

Keli had a pretty aggressive workout schedule (going 5 times a week), and began to get herself back into the fitness level she wanted.  After a few weeks of training, Eric started chatting with her on Facebook about fitness, nutrition and if she was coming in to the gym that day.  Nothing too crazy.  Keli thought

“after all, I go to the gym early at 6AM with no makeup on, and I am grumpy because I am never fully awake so, the last thing on my mind was anyone being interested in me. “

But, sure enough it was not long until Eric had invited her out with some of his friends on a “spur of the moment”.  But, it was late (11PM) and Keli had to work the next day and told him she could not go.  Over the coming weeks Eric, ended up asking her out three additional times… and each time she declined.  Keli, meanwhile had either other obligations, or was stuck thinking “I am not going to date my trainer”.

That same summer Keli, was taking some college classes and on her last final Eric once again asked if she wanted to meet for drinks after.  Keli’s brain was “toast” from all the work and at this point was honestly feeling a little bad about all the “rejections” and agreed to meet him.  They met at a Yard House for drinks on a Thursday, and had such a great time together outside of the gym that they ended up spending more time together that same Fri, Sat, and Sun!  That weekend marked the start of the rest of their lives together.

Over the next several months, they started dating and their relationship grew stronger and stronger.  Keli, had a very grueling schedule of taking classes, working full time and also was starting her own pet sitting business.  Needless to say, whenever she had a “day off” it was great.  Well, on June 4th 2014 (exactly one year from the day she met Eric) she had no school, and her boss (who was “in on the plan”) only needed her to work until 2PM that day.  Keli thought “great, I can go home and relax, and maybe get some more school work done”.  Moments later Eric called her, and asked if she could stop by the gym to pick up something for him.  When Keli got there, and walked in a girl friend of hers saw her and started asking “when are you going to run your next race”, and they started chatting.  A few moments later, around the corner Eric made his way walking to her… The girl that was talking with Keli stopped, and started to walk away, turned and started taking pictures of them with her phone.  Keli, (who says everything happened in slow motion) looked at Eric, and can’t to this day even remember what he said.. but knew “this was it”.. and I said “yes!”.  Although Eric, still can’t say for sure if he even heard her say yes as he too was as excited as he has even been in his life.

Keli, Eric… you both are so wonderful.  Kind hearted, easy going and just plain “fun” to be around.  I am so happy that Gabby (who actually attended my own wedding in 2010, in Vermont) made the connection for us and I was able to come and be apart of your special day.  Both myself, and Jorge enjoyed every second planning the details, and shooting your wedding day.  I wish you both the very best in your new life together back north in Pennsylvania!

Much love


Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-001So, there we were walking outside of the Wyndham Grand Jupiter hotel and all of the sudden across the street I spot this pumpkin patch!  Could not have been more perfect 🙂Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-002A very elegant wedding dress!  The image on the left, I am shooting into a mirror to create the artistic effect of the hanger being “mirrored”.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-003The book on the left is actually Keli’s own Bible, and had sentimental meaning to both of them.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-004Ah yes. Much fun in Eric’s room with the guys getting ready!  This is pretty much what I walked into LOL.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-005A fun shot out on the balcony of their room.  The clouds were rolling in, and made some nice drama!Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-006Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-007Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-008Back in the bridal suite, all the girls were getting final touches.. and then I got to meet “Lexi” (dog) that is loved by both Eric and Keli.  This animal could pose on command, and was just like another person in the room.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-009I mean, look at that!  Lexi is sitting there posing for the camera!  Beautiful makeup from the girls at “Kiss This MakeupWyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-010All of the girls in their pre-dress shirts!Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-011I loved the room at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter.  I was able to control all of the lighting very easily by way of a large “wrap around” curtain.  So, here for example you can see how I have “feathered” the light to create some “mood” for some of the getting dressed shots.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-012Then, in the same way as above… I was able to place the light right were I wanted it for some shots from the front… including even shooting through a curtain for a nice “soft” look.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-013Without a doubt, one of the biggest things that jumps out about Keli is her beautiful eyes.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-014Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-015Everyone loves mom… but… just take a look at Lexi posing with Keli!  Unreal!Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-016Now, we get to business in the main lobby at Wyndham Grand Jupiter.  Working with some of the decor, I was able to quickly get some nice images of Keli alone before we moved on to the “first look”.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-017I actually drove up to the Wyndham Grand Jupiter, and stayed here the night before the wedding to “scope out” the locations I wanted to use.  Here, I loved the section just outside of the hotel for the first look.  We were blessed with an overcast day so this location worked very well!Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-018Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-019Ha!  Keli is so funny.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-020Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-021So, to be clear.. I am no where “near them” during this moment.  I am actually shooting, literally from across the street and my assistant Jorge is controlling traffic so that I don’t get hurt.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-022Beautiful flowers were provided by “Garden of Eve”. Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-023You may have noticed that yacht in the background of the “super hero” shot I took in the beginning with all of the guys.  Well, it came in handy here as well for a nice “excuse” to have some champagne, walk and talk and be happy.  Yes, we had the bar actually bring out glasses, and poor champagne for the shots.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-024Standing in front of vallet, and with the use of some lighting was able to create a much different mood.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-025Here is the “sky walk” or bridge that connects the two different parts of the Wyndham Grand Jupiter hotel together.  It basically all became my photo studio LOL.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-026Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-027So, it’s worth saying.. that the big thing my own photographer actually missed from my own wedding was this.  ME!  He never actually got a shot of my face when my wife walked down the isle.  It has always been something that I have wished I could go back and see, and can’t.  Thankfully, I understand like no other what it means to capture this, and what it means.  Eric, I know exactly how you feel right here.. and to a point, I re-living my own wedding right through you 🙂Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-028Then I turn, and see mom…Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-029I love this shot.  If you count carefully.. I get about 10, maybe 11 people in this shot.  Only one is looking down the isle at Eric.  😉Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-030Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-031Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-032Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-033Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-034Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-035Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-036The ceremony was held right at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter, and it came out beautiful.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-037Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-038Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-039After all of the guests left.. we went back outside and got another creative capture as the sky looked like it was going to start raining.  Also, that building behind, on top is where Keli got ready.  It was so nice!Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-040Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-041Very fall colors, and the cake was provided by “Earth and Sugar“.  Linen, Overlays, Napkins, Chargers, Table Cloths and more was provided by “Superior Party Rental“.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-042Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-043Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-044Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-045Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-046Beautiful moments with Eric and his mom.  I am so happy I was able to be there, and capture all of this.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-047Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-048So, now it is dark and it was a great time to “sneak away” while salads were coming out.  Back in the lobby at Wyndham Grand Jupiter, I made some camera magic happen!  To be clear, none of this is any “special effects” or “photoshop”.  This is all just using the things, and surfaces I see in the lobby.  Here I am actually using a glass coffee table to create the reflections for some very “artistic” and dramatic shots.Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-049Wyndham-Grand-Jupiter-Wedding-050I have not posted “Photo Booth” images in a blog post before.. and then I realized.. LOL,  that was silly.  At the reception, I have an AMAZING Photo Booth that is not only a great “picture taking device” it also is a form of entertainment, as it “projects” all the images life size as they are being taken.  To be honest, they are shot exactly like you were in a fashion studio and come out like this!

Many thanks to all of the amazing vendors who made this wedding come to life…

Venue: Wyndham Grand Jupiter / Jennifer

Floral: Garden Of Eve

DJ: Kenny Mondo Productions

Hair / MUA: “Kiss this Makeup

Cake: Earth and Sugar

Linen: Superior Party Rental

Photography: Travis Harris

Photo Booth: Travis Harris Photography


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