SOUTH FLORIDA BRIDAL SALON | Interview with the expert

I first met Macky in 2014 when I was collaborating with some other wedding vendors that I love for a “styled” shoot.  Macky own’s a very popular South Florida Bridal Salon, and provided the dresses for our shoot.

Here is a link to that shoot BTW..  pretty cool stuff!  🙂

Anyway, while working with Macky in the field it was obvious what a true professional she was, how passionate she is, and how infectious her personality becomes the longer you are around her.  She is one of those people who has the ability to make you feel better no matter what you maybe feeling at the moment.. and you don’t even need to know her very well for that to happen.  Its pretty intoxicating when you think about it!   LOL, I even remember the day we did the shoot together.. she was helping with the wedding dress, and the model.. and her brand new iPhone fell out of her pocket, and smashed the screen on the rocks below.  She acted like it was nothing, and kept right on helping.. and thats exactly the type of person she is.

So what’s the point?   The point I am making here, and the very thing that I wish everyone would keep in mind when “searching” for wedding vendors is that there is SO much more beyond that of the end result in which we all offer.  How many places do you think you could go to buy a nice wedding dress?  THOUSANDS.  So, why would you goto Brides of Florida vs. another place?   That’s a simple answer..

Macky Diaz.

It’s HER.  SHE is the business.

 Brides of Florida represents her vision, her excellence, and her intense motto of finding you the best deal if it kills her.

She takes the pride that many do not, and wears her heart on her sleeve everyday providing value to her clients that I am sure most don’t even realize.

I think what I admire most about people, especially business owners.. is the HUSTEL.

The HARD &^%$*&^ work that has to be done, and the ACTION that has to be taken to get from point A to point B. When I see that (or better yet feel it) from another person.. its a very attractive quality to sucesses and something I can fully relate with myself… having come from about nothing once upon a time.

So.. if you are looking for nice wedding dresses in the $800 – $4,000 range.. Please do yourself a favor, and see my good friend Macky over at Brides of Florida 😉

Oh.. and check out this nice interview that I did with her!



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