I love post wedding shoots like this. A great time to get together after the stressful day and take some shots with a bit more control. I had the pleasure of working with Nicole and James after their wedding here in this shoot.. and got some really fun shots of them both! The funny thing was, that last year I shot one of Nicole’s best friends “Fran” and, during Fran’s engagement session we did the famous “rain” shot (seen below).. to this day I get many requests to replicate it.. and of course Nicole even said “I wish we could get something like that too.. LOL” but, I told her we need it to rain! I was beside myself when during the last few min of our shoot it actually started raining!! and we of course nailed another incredible backlit rain shot!! Check out the last shot! Now, I have a hard time deciding which is better her’s or her friends that we did! πŸ™‚ Either way, they are both very special and I am so happy I was able to “pull it off” for them both.

Here was her friends shot I took from last year that many people ask me about… so funny I was able to do a simillar shot for them above!

Also, check out their entire shoot here! Engagement Session with Frances & Joe!!


  1. I first met Travis a year ago at a good friends wedding. Recently engaged, I had begun looking for photographers but wasn’t finding anyone with that certain spark and funky creativity I was looking for. At the wedding, I spent half my time in the photobooth and was amazed at how much it brought to the party being out in the open unlike the closed off booths you usually found. I put Travis on my list for consideration but after I saw my friend’s Fran’s finished pictures, he shot to #1. We met a few times over the next few months and got to know each other and finally finalized our wedding day plans. On our wedding day, we got all of our friend and family pictures (our wedding party was over 20 people and i have a large Cuban family), but i wanted more of a personal session with just James and I so we asked Travis if we could do a post-wedding session. We picked different locations and got all dressed up again. We met Travis and his assistant Kenneth and began taking pictures. I work in Television and am very used to being a behind the camera person, so being in front of the camera was something that made me quite uncomfortable. Travis put me at ease and we really had a nice time while laughing the whole time. Even James, who I thought would be miserable the whole day, really liked the session. It was a Sunday football day, and he didn’t even complain once- he actually only kept saying what a good time he was having. We even had a nice taco dinner in my wedding dress. I had always wanted a particular rain shot and we joked about how that was a one in the million shot that could rarely be replicated. To my amazement, during our last shot it started to rain… and we got OUR SHOT! It will be something that we will have forever and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Travis for capturing our wedding day so well, that when I look through all the pictures, I feel right in that moment. You and your team are one of a kind and your work will be appreciated for years and years to come. One a scale of 1 to 10, you were a 12 πŸ™‚

  2. Speechless…

    What nice things to say! I am so humbled, and grateful for having had the opportunity to work with you both and even better make two new friends! I am so happy that you love the images as much as I loved making them! Excited to design the beautiful wedding album.. πŸ™‚

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