Miami Engagement Sessions | Luxury Private Jet

*** NOTE, PLEASE READ ***  I get a ton of emails about doing a shoot with a “Jet” and while I am flattered, I need to make it clear that I DO NOT have access to a jet or airplane of any kind.  This shoot was for a real pilot and this was his plane.  Please do not inquire about a shoot for yourself unless you have access to your own plane.  I am just the “photographer” lol.  


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you think of Miami Engagement Sessions, you may think about a park, Vizcaya, or a place where you first met for ideas.  All good stuff!  But, in many cases the place where you first met may not translate into nice photos, and the “park” gets old.. and let’s face it.. a TON of people shoot at Vizcaya (and I love that place, but just saying..).


For me, as a photographer I have my radar set high.. and LOVE it when I get inquires about things that are truly different, and / or are hard to do.  It gives me a challenge and a true sense of excitement, and if I am being honest this is what being a photographer is really all about. 😉

When Yaneli & Maike contacted me, they had been searching all around the web and social media on Miami Engagement Sessions.  They were looking for something very specific, and thankfully within my brand they found it!   You see, Maike is a pilot (fly’s A320’s) and they wanted to do a shoot with a jet!

I mean.. sign me up!!

But, first let me explain..

Not only have I done sessions like this before (see this amazing blog post)..   I myself have always had a HUGE interest in aviation, and wanted to also be a pilot.  In fact, I have done a ton of simulation practice, and know a lot about the aviation and the industry.  Before becoming a full time wedding photographer I used to work in the aviation industry buying and selling private jets for parts.  (long time ago now LOL).

So, with all confidence I told them.. no one, NO ONE is going to be more suited for this than myself!  I was so excited!

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Now, this story gets even better..[/perfectpullquote]

During the communication I had with them during their search for Miami Engagement Sessions, I also learned that their wedding is not taking place here in South Florida.. no, no.. it’s taking place on Lake Como in Italy!!!  Well, as happy as I was to hear that, I knew that they already had made planes for their wedding and only were looking for a Miami Engagement Photographer.

Well.. so I thought 😉

Yep.. after the session, and after they saw all the amazing shots.. I am happy to report, myself and my assistant will be going to Italy for 7-days to shoot their wedding!  We will be staying both in Lake Como, and Milan. AND..  I will have a day to shoot images of them in Italy before the wedding!  This reminds me of this wedding. 😉

I am SO happy, and SO excited!!

It’s incredible how this all came full circle, and like I said in the beginning of this post… this is what being a wedding photographer is truly all about.  Yes, the photos are great, and become the end result, but it’s so much more than that, and I love it!

Now.. rather than just pasting in the shots here.. I want to take you along for our session!  For this one, I wanted full coverage!  LOL.  check out the videos below:

Here is a quick 60-sec version:

If you want to see the full length video it is here:

Miami Engagement Sessions

We started here with the above shot.  I wanted to create a kinda “fashion” / commercial looking image of the two of them.  I could see something like this used for sunglasses ad, or luggage.  The key was to get far away from the plane, so that I could keep the focus on them.  I only wanted to “hint” at the plane for this first shot.

Miami Engagement Sessions

This shot (above) is no doubt their fav. shot from the session.  Printed, this looks incredible.  The computer really does it no justice.  It was actually REALLY hard to get too, it took several takes of her jumping up in her mans arms.  Getting the hair right, the expression, and the legs all “posed” well was a challenge.  But, we got it.

Miami Engagement Sessions

There was a moment when she came out of the plane in this dress, (see video for this).  It was epic.  I HAD to get a few of her alone.  The wind was also perfect, and is what directed me to shoot it in the way that I did 🙂

Miami Engagement Sessions

Another with her amazing dress, and a sharp composition with the jet behind them.  I know if I were actually a pilot, this is the type of stuff I would want myself.

Miami Engagement Sessions

Top Gun here! Just landed, and there is my babe!

Miami Engagement Sessions

Back to a commercial inspired image here.  This I totally see in a magazine somewhere.  Do you agree?

Miami Engagement Sessions

Another with her alone, in the black mini dress.  Super sexy and very unique..  Yes, I used all of my lighting to light the plane interior as well 😉

If you have an amazing idea for a session, be sure to let me know and lets talk about it!

I am so excited to now travel to Italy for their wedding this year, and you can expect a full recap soon!

Until then..