EVERY Day is… Fathers Day ;-)

I‘ll tell ya.. as a Professional Wedding Photographer, I miss many…  MANY life events as a result of being there and apart of my clients special wedding day.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family time, and events on the weekends (which is most of the time), holidays, and even my own honeymoon back when I was married in 2010.  The commitment, and sacrifice that I make within my chosen career is a serious one.  It’s something that I don’t think many stop to think about, not even myself at times.  Year, over year time just seems to “slip on by”.

This past Sunday was Fathers Day.  To some, it’s not a great big deal (I guess you need to be a father to fully understand), but I had a wedding and on the one hand felt very fortunate, and grateful to have business with wonderful clients… and… on the other hand I was reminded all too well of my commitment and sacrifice that is very real, and apart of my profession.  This comes at a “cost”, that is well beyond anything that hits the bank account.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do.. and yes, I of course see my son all the time (during the week, after business hours).  He is 3yrs old now, and growing fast.  I know that in the coming years as he becomes more, and more involved in things that I may have some very hard choices to make, as

missing an event that can’t be “re-done” will be a regret that I can’t afford.

I actually had two weddings this past weekend, and I thank both of my clients so much.  I was happy to be there, and apart of your lives.  This is another reason that I feel it is so important for me to have a nice connection with everyone that I work with.

 Beyond anything contractual, financial, business etc.. it’s me, my time, and my investment in you and your day.

I work damn hard to ensure the best results on the wedding day.  I put so much of myself into the day..  planning, timeline creation, education, advice, etc..  all in an effort to ensure the best result possible, based on what I have to work with.  Behind the scenes, I am also putting all of this in front of my family time.  This is when my wife is free, and is the time I would otherwise be with her and my son Austin.  Doing something together, as a family.

This is my driving force.  This is my motto that I have spoken about many times “To always be better then I was yesterday”, This is why I don’t fool around with different wedding “packages” that I feel are so silly.  I give 100% of myself, my time etc to ensure a consistent, solid result that will exceed the expectation every time.

As much as it is important for you to find all of the vendors you want on your wedding day..  it is equally as important for me to have the ideal clients, that truly understand myself, my brand, and why what I offer is such an amazing service.  🙂

So, with all of that said..  I decided to have a little private Fathers Day myself.  Something that I could replicate, and “do again”.  We had so much fun..  check out the video below, and be sure to see all my other videos on my Behind the Scenes page.. AND.. please subscribe to my channel on YouTube (my social media platform of choice).


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