Wynwood Walls Engagement Pictures
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Wynwood Walls Engagement Pictures

One of the most "iconic" places for engagement sessions in Miami is in fact the Wynwood Walls.  People love going here and getting shots with all of the pretty art work.  I think that's great.  



If you do your homework.  Here is what I would do.

Take a drive through the area a day or two before the shoot.  Take a look at the current landscape, and decide WHICH walls you like the most.  This will also help you plan outfits for your session.  It will also help you plan what colors to wear, and not wear.  Having a totally cohesive wardrobe I think is key to places like this.  The more effort you put in to it, the better.  Remember, these photos will last longer then your alive.. so a little prep work should be no problem.

The other thing I would think about and consider, is the very fact of doing the walls at all.  I mean, yes they are cool.. and will render some fun shots.  But is this you?  Are you super fun, and funky fresh?  Perhaps!  But, perhaps not.  So, along with the wardrobe, and colors you need to also think about personality and vibes.  If you have it, then by all means we will go and rock this out, and it will be sick!  But, please don't expect any photographer to magically put you in situations like this, and "make it work".  It's a two way street with shoots like this, and this can not be over looked.  Trust me.. you will thank me in the end :-)

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Location: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.