Wings Over Miami Engagement Photos
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Wings Over Miami Engagement Photos

Being a die hard airplane lover myself, I love nothing more then some Wings Over Miami Engagement Photos!  Let's take a look at this one, and I can explain a little more about it.

Now we are talking about some crazy control!  This was very much a “production photo-shoot” and this is where my true “technical” abilities as a photographer shine above everyone else.   First, this is Melissa & Leo’s engagement session, and it was shot at the “Wings Over Miami” museum.  Leo is actually a commercial pilot in real life, and this shoot was themed to bring that into the imagery.  The image (above) was my favorite from the set (it just looks like a movie cover to me).  Let me talk a little bit about what went into this.. first, I had a Rotolux Deep Octa bank camera right, in close for Melissa.  This was powered by a Ranger Speed AS pack at about full power (1100 watts).  I had another pack, far, camera left bare bulb into a silver reflector aimed right at Leo.  This light is “throwing” it’s power a great distance.  Next, I needed to “lift” some of the shadow value out from under the planes right wing, so I gelled a speedlite, and set it on the ground in the back.  Every time I hit the shutter, it sounded like a firecracker “snap” of light.  It was pretty crazy, and well worth all of the efforts!


Location: 14710 SW 128th Street Miami, FL 33186.